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Blood is the most important fluid in the human body. It fulfills many functions without which the body would deteriorate and die, including supplying oxygen and nutrients to bodily tissue, removing waste products, regulating body temperature, and supporting the immune system by transporting white blood cells and antibodies. Knowing the type of blood you have is important in medical emergencies, and may affect the type of diet one should follow. Some cultures also believe that it even affects a person's personality and romantic compatibility.

What’s My Blood Type is a U.S.-based organization formed to create global education of blood type awareness. We are all taught systematically our names, addresses, phone numbers, allergies and other basic information known to be common sense items and essential for survival. Above it is express how vital blood is to the body, so why are we not also standardizing the education of ones blood type? Why are we not more aware? Why is this simple fact often overlooked?

Faced with these questions our founder has made it his mission to create a global culture around blood type awareness. He understands that being informed of your blood type can define a life or death situation. Read our research documents and join our site to receive the latest blood type news, social and medical advances.